Things You Need To Bring To The Lodge

  • All Guests are required to bring and use their own pillow cases and bed sheets (single size) or sleeping bags - for health reasons
  • You will need the Lodge electronic security door key to open the front door
  • Your mobile phone if you need to make calls during your stay

There are a few simple rules that Members and their Guests need to observe:

  • Bookings are not confirmed until you have received a confirmation letter and payment receipt from the Booking Officer
  • Payment is required in full at least four weeks prior to the date of the booking
  • Check-in time on the day of arrival is 5:00pm - if arriving before this time, you may leave bags in the games room, and any food in the downstairs refridgerator, but please do not use the lodge parking until after 5:00pm.
  • The use of portable media devices is actively discouraged in the upstairs shared facilities. People who need to use these devices may do so in the Games room. 
  • Check-out time on the day of departure is 5:00pm

On arrival / departure

  • Please check the main notice board (in the lounge/dinning room) for your name and room allocations
  • Read the instructions on the back of your bedroom door
  • Introduce yourself to the Lodge Manager and the other guests
  • Pitch in and help clean the common areas - including emptying rubbish bins, and ensuring that dishes are clean and put away
  • Secure your valuables, and ensure that the lodge is secure at all times
  • Clean and vacate your bedrooms by 5:00pm on the day of departure - vacuums are located in the dinning room

The Lodge is a club facility and not serviced as a commercial hostel.  Members and their guests are expected to be responsible for their allocated bedroom, as well as assist in the communal areas such as the bathrooms and kitchen.  This means keeping rubbish bins emptied, rubbish placed kerbside for collection, bathrooms stocked with paper towels and bins emptied, dishes washed and put away, light bulbs replaced when blown.