Images courtesy of Thredbo Alpine Village

Basin T-Bar

Looking down the middle of the Basin Ski Run (plus link to Video LiveStream)


Cruiser Area

Looking at Cruiser's Ballroom (left), Squatters Run (middle) & Walkabout (right)


High Noon

Looking down the top section of High Noon run

High Noon

Friday Flat

Thredbo's beginner slope and Snow Sports School meeting area (plus link to Video LiveStream)

Friday Flat

Middle Slopes Supertrail

Alpine Way looking from the village to the middle slopes of Thredbo.


Alpine Way

A wider angle view looking over the middle slopes of Thredbo.

Alpine Way

NASTAR Racecourse

NASTAR - Supertrail

Central Spur

Looking from Eagles Nest out across Central Spur

Central Spur

Antons and Top of Hign Noon

View across to Antons on Central Spur and the top of High Noon

Antons - Central Spur

Kosciuszko Express and Lower Supertrail

Lower Supertrail

Karels & Basin T-Bar

Karels & Basin T-Bar

Mt Kosciuszko Walking Track

Kosciuszko Walking Track

Varsity Alpine Club Inc.

Chain Bay Cam

Kosciuszko Rd at Wilsons Valley

The chain bay south of Ski Rider Hotel, Kosciuszko Road (courtesy LiveTraffic NSW)