Thanks to the six volunteers who spent the weekend of 17 - 19 November performing maintenance work at the Lodge, ensure the lodge is ready for Summer.

  • Greg Powell
  • David Clayton
  • David & Jon McKinlay
  • Ulo Kasepuu
  • Jaak Sildnik

The group completed mulching the front gardens, repointing the retaining wall, spreading 2T of gravel in the carpark, laundered the mattress protectors (in our new Lodge washing machine), cleaning the entry tiles, repairing the wash line and a dining room chair, replaced the kitchen emergency torch, repainted the BBQ seats and cleaned cobwebs inside and out. A terrific achievement by the group, who had a great time.

A reminder that the Club depends on volunteers to pitch in from time to time. Please get in touch if you can help next time.

The Board would also appreciate feedback and suggestions regarding maintenance and improvement ideas for our Club Lodge facilities.

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