The Varsity Alpine Club Autumn Working Bee was held on the weekend of 18th to 19th of May 2024.  The following members attended and graciously volunteered their time and service:

  • Jaak Sildnik
  • Ulo Kasepuu
  • Boris Cebokli

Following recent installation of the new heat pump airconditioning system, extra lodge updates were completed as well as the Autumn maintenance list.  Due to the cold weather, outdoor painting has been delayed until Spring.


Jobs completed

  • Adhesive stickers were added to the drying room fan denoting the on and off position of the heater switch (covering the confusing +/- markings);
  • A new washer was installed in the hot water tap of the left men’s shower upstairs.
  • The bulkhead between the kitchen and dining room was repainted on the dining room side;
  • The gyprock duct in room 4 was sanded and repainted following the removal of the vent, a second coat in Spring is planned;
  • A new mesh WiFi network was installed, replacing previous extender in the hallway. The new system provides enhanced security and performance throughout the lodge;
  • Dense, non-native and noxious overgrowth at the lake front was cleared revealing more blackberry bushes. The blackberry bushes were also removed along with dead branches pruned back and brightening the area significantly.

Jobs in progress

  • A new St. John Ambulance “Workplace Essentials” first aid refill kit is on its way for the first aid cabinet;
  • The booking sheet noticeboard was repainted but is in poor shape. A new board will be obtained;

Jobs delayed until Spring

  • The decking, including the vertical fascia railings need sanding, preparation and painting at the Spring Working Bee.
  • The barge-board facing the lake needs sanding and repainting;
  • The outdoor furniture requires repainting;
  • Planned bathroom doors, front door beading and other outdoor painting was not completed due to weather constraints;
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